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High Availability

Our servers are equipped with a redundant network and power. A big battery and 2 generators will keep everything operational when it's needed.


Your website is running on green power for a full 100%! The datacenter is a member of GreenIT. GreenIT is an initiative to reduce CO2 in IT for a healthier world.

Cloud Apps

There are more than 100 free online applications available for you to install with a click of a button.

An internet agency with a lot of technical knowhow

The digital address of your website.

A trustworthy home for your website. 24/7 online.

POP3 of IMAP. Default mailboxes with your own domain name.

Synchronize your E-mail, Agenda and Contacts with all your devices.


Hi there!

My name is Sven Kersten. Hosting Expertise is a small business specialized in not only hosting your website, but also designing it. For more information about my webdesign services please check my Spixels webdesign website, which gives you all the information you need to get your brand new modern shiny website up and running in no time Spixels.

Alle prijzen zijn inclusief 21% btw. Tenzij anders vermeld.